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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

...planted no crops, wrapped no posts

Adnan spent a night at my house. Sometimes the demands of  work prevent him going back to Kuantan.

Before this picture was taken, I was taking a bath while Adnan was cooking spaghetti. After we had dinner we watch tv and start gossiping (to some grazy level). After that we talked about death ...

I asked Adnan who among us were `go 'first? I told him when referring to health condition, maybe I die first. But we agree something about death whether any factors or sintom, it never count.  Some have died young, there is a healthy teen that suddenly died.

Then we take into account the `rolib’ (usually) dead couse by age (die of old age). After that I told him that when he dies I will probably not going to go visit him in Temerloh (assuming the body is brought back to his village) because I was in Bali, Indonesia. In the old time of course I have a lot of money (money from EPF, he he eh). I have timeless holiday.

So that all about the photo. I wrap Adnan carefully because we must respect the dead. But at home I have no cotton to cover her nose.

Jan: From land (soil) we made, on the ground we decay...

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