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Monday, March 30, 2009

Tag: Salman Khan

Blog ni kena tag lagi daripada pangsenang. Walaupun agak deman dan sibuk dengan QE, try jugak jawab, ni haa….:

1. What is your name: Sukiman
2. Four letter word: Sula (satu jenis hukuman)
3. A boy's name: Salman Khan
4. A girl's name: Salma Hayeak
5. An occupation: Singer
6. A color: Salju
7. Something you'll wear: Selipar (ke tandas)
8. A food: Sambal Belacan
9. Something found in the bathroom: Sabun mandi
10. A place: Subang Jaya
11. A reason for being late: Sick
12. Something you'd shout: …. -
13. A movie title: Slumdog millionaire
14. Something you drink: Sirap bandung
15. A musical group: Search
16. An animal: Siamang
17. A street: Sambanthan (Tun)
18. A type of car: Savy
19. The title of a song: Selamat Jalan Romeo

Jan: Saya taq g blog ejaabbas pulok... (harap dia layannn…)

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