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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Perihal Taurus

Mr Taurus
He’s generally a small and compact man: there are few tall ones but many with large necks, and their strength is situated in their upper body. You’ll rarely see Mr Taurus running - he walks calmly with a twinkle in his eye! He likes laughing, joking, having fun and gets on easily with other people. Stubbornness is both his strength and weakness...

In love
He rarely messes around and very quickly becomes possessive and jealous. If he says “I love you”, it’s for life.

Miss Taurus
She’s very feminine, always wears make-up and perfume, and takes care of her hair and nails. You’ll rarely see a smudge or a hair out of place on her. Short or tall, brown or blonde, slim or curvy, she goes the whole hog when it comes to attraction and seduction, and few men can resist her when she turns on the charm. Still, she has a more difficult character than Mr Taurus: she’s vindictive, but she knows how to welcome people. She'll invite you round for dinner and you'll end up partying the night away. She likes money and material things: a wardrobe that’s fit to burst, a healthy bank account and a stash of jewellery!

In love
Miss Taurus has patience, fervour and sometimes resignation (her weak point is that she can’t live without a man in her life). She needs to feel male eyes on her to feel alive! Jealous and possessive, she doesn’t deal with unfaithfulness well at all, but will put up with it for the children, and to avoid going through change. She’s passionate about her home and is willing to do anything to keep it, so divorce is unlikely. She worships friendship.

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