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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

He wants more...( a tiger story...)

Just for decoration (" Sekadar hiasan...")

Once upon a time, there is a powerful tiger live in the stone juggle. The tiger has a loving wife, a beautiful home, and wonderful children, but he wants more.

The tiger was so famous and always approached by dozen of beautiful young female tigers day by day. He becomes obsessed with them and eventually starts an affairs. The affairs began unstoppable. But his selfishness actions soon catch up with his wife...

His wife is so sad and act violently towards them…and lastly they got divorce. The divorce settlement would be one of the most expensive in the stone jungle. The wife still love him but she had lost her trust in him gitu.

She gets a lot of money but did say that" money can't buy happiness” or put her family back together (read this line with the sad heart…).

The wife said she was unaware of his husbands' affairs and that she had went "been through hell".

Jan: There is a danger in loving somebody too much, it hurts when you know that only your heart you can trust…(pulak dah…)

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